Friday, May 10, 2013

Chris Christie, you’re wrong.

Chris Christie made an amazing health decision in February of this year and I applaud that.  I found it insulting and a waste of time for the news to even pick it up and try to come up with some elevated reasoning behind his very personal choice. So when Christie showed annoyance with the media I thought, “That’s right give em hell Chris!”  My husband and I even talked about how ridiculous this whole thing was.
Things changed early this morning for me though.  Christie was quoted yesterday saying “it’s really the only still-acceptable form of discrimination”, he said this about weight and he is wrong.  I am a gay male I am married I always follow that up with a “disclosure” sounding voice saying “in participating states and not at a federal level” people usual chuckle but it’s not funny.
Just last year when I entered the voting booth I had to decide on a president who would constitutionally ban the marriage of my husband and I or one that was choosing to not defend DOMA.  I had to vote for a party that would either strive to bring me equality or strive to exclude me and call me immoral.  I live in a state where I can be fired just for existing, I can’t adopt a needy child with my husband.  I have friends in other states that can be refused service.  I know very much what discrimination is, I can tell you it’s very real in my everyday life and it is VERY acceptable at even a leadership level in our government so Chris you are just plain old wrong.
I won’t sit here and try to compare what rights you have over me Mr. Christie, or that laws exist to intentionally hold me back from my rights as a citizen in this country.  I’ll actually stand beside you and agree that yes weight is something discriminated against and people feel it’s an open joke.  That even I have caught myself saying things that are actually cruel and inaccurate or laughing at a joke that didn’t need to be said.  I promise you this though Mr. Christie, children slit their own wrist right now because law makers and leaders of this country compare them to pedophiles, or rapist.  Those children sit and listen to their parents cheer candidates like Rick Santorum because he bemoans the ruin of society at the hands of the “Gay agenda”.  Or watch leaders like you turn away on bills that would protect their rights and help them avoid discrimination.
I hate that people made your weight some big deal, it’s great that you made this decision that will benefit you and your family.  Understand this though, people are being discriminated against, you and other people with weight issues are not the only victims.  The LGBT community is suffering right now in front of you and that discrimination is significantly more supported and openly acceptable.  I have a number of laws I can show you or speeches I have heard or articles that have been written that would prove my case.
Mr. Christie, I have always respected you as a person, I don’t agree with much of what your views are but I love your to the point personality. Understand this though, I’ll go toe to toe along with every other LGBT community member to say that this time your statement was arrogant uninformed and wrong.